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About Gyula

Sports and good spirit have always been an integral part of his life, and capitalizing on this and his natural talents to motivate others he has successfully been able to influnce many to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. For him it is a source of joy if he can change the indifferent mood a day has started with for a client to an enjoyable one - or if he can provide a bit of pleasant activity at the end of an exhaustive working day. He is fortunate in the sense that in his daily work he practices what he is fond of doing, and what he has a talent for.
Following the "BMX bandit" period of his childhood, he has become seriously involved with sports - specifically running - at the Athletic Department of Csepel SC, where he trained for competitions for some years. He took part in an aerobics class for the first time upon the invitation of a friend in 1995. The atmoshere of the class, the harmony of the movements and the music grabbed his phantasy right away – as a result he decided to try himself in this field, too. He was 19 when he first strated to train classes in fitness studios. Key milestones:Roxanne Movement Studio (aerobics and step trainer)



1995 - 1998       Roxanne Movement Studio (aerobics and step trainer)

1995 - 1998       Gilda-Max (aerobics and step trainer)

1998 - 1999       Happy Fitness, Pomáz

1998 - 2000       Arnold Gym (aerobics, step and Spinning trainer)

2000 - 2001       Club Laguna Wellness (aerobics, step and Spinning classes, personal trainer)                    

2000 - 2002       Fit 4 Fun Wellness (aerobics, step and Spinning classes, personal trainer)

2002 - 2005       MOM-Wellness (aerobics, step and Spinning classes, personal trainer)

2003 - 2004       Moveland Wellness (aerobics, step and Spinning classes, personal trainer)

2002 - 2005       A1 Wellness Óbuda (aerobics, step and Spinning classes, personal trainer)

2006 - 2008       CBA Fitness&Wellness Line (step and Spinning classes)

2006 - 2011       Oxygen Wellness (aerobics, step and Spinning classes, personal trainer)

2007 - 2017       Liget Wellness (aerobics, step and Spinning classes, personal trainer)

2016 - 2016       Gym4all Nottingham, UK (aerobics classes, personal trainer)

2016 -                Gilda Max (aerobics classes, personal trainer)

Regular practice and the continuous feedback from his clients and trainers were essential for his professional development. Gyula participated at the annual Autumn Convention of the IFAA Fitness Company for the firts time in 1998. From then on he participated in a series of professional trainings, workshops and master classes:


1999 - Fitness Company - IFAA Hungary Aerobics Trainer

1999 - Fitness Company - IFAA Hungary Step Aerobics Trainer

2000 - Fitness Company - IFAA Hungary SpinRacing Trainer

2000 - Fitness Company - IFAA Hungary Personal Trainer

2001 - Fitness Company - IFAA Hungary Aero-Kickbox Trainer

2002 - Schwinn Indoor-Cycling Trainer

2002 - Polar Own-Zone Trainer

2003 - Johnny G Spinning Instructor

2003 - Fitness Company - IFAA Hungary Aerobics Trainer

2005 - Fitness Company - IFAA Hungary Dimitris Koutras Advanced Step Master Course

2006 - Fitness Company - IFAA Hungary Cyrill Lüthi Aero Dance Master Course

2007 - Fitness Company - IFAA Hungary 3/4 Wellness Step

2012 - WALKenergie Hungary - WALKenergie trainer



Gyula´s talent was first discovered by Attila Pati Nagy and Krisztina Korényi during the training courses he attended. They gave him the first opportunity to present at Fitness Company Hungary events, which brought with it other similar opportunities and a recognition across the country.
1999 - classes and presentations at various annual national aerobics, fitness and wellness events
IFAA Fitness Company Spring and Autumn Conventions
Nike Fitness Convention
12 Hours Aerobic Marathon
Aerobics Festivals at Veszprém and Debrecen
2005 - presenter at international aerobics and fitness events (Enjoy Aerobic Marathon,
Tirgu Mures, Romania; Aerobics Tour Serbia 2006; Festivalul Femi Sport Enci
Wellness, Miercurea Ciuc, organised by the National Sports Federation of Romania)
2006, 2007, 2008 , 2009, 2010 , 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Lead Trainer of the Hungarian National Studio Tour supported by Coca-Cola Beverages Hungary Ltd.

2006, 2007, 2008 , 2009, 2010 , 2011 was nominated "Presenter of the year"

2006 "Presenter of the year"


Between 2002-2014 Gyula as a trainer at the courses of IFAA Fitness Company Hungary, since then he has actively been involved as the member of the trainer team in Step and Spin Racing courses for trainers to be.
Recently he has also become active as an advisor for different organisations active in nutrition, lifestyle and physical activity programmes. Based on his practice and experience he believes that regular physical activity should be part of everyone´s life for prevention purposes and in order to preserve health. In the over-convenient, accelerated life most people tend to lead, special attention needs to be committed to a more conscious, active lifestyle. Hand-in-hand with professional organisations Gyula would like to help people to achieve this – in fitness studios, mass sports events, workplaces and in theirs homes, too.
2005 – 2015 Ambassador of the Coca-Cola Hungary National Wake Your Body programme
2006, 2007, 2008 - Fitness Advisor of the Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity Platform formed by scientific, civil, governmental and industrial associations in order to tackle obesity in Hungary
His characteristics such as precision, punctuality, a wide professional interest, creativity, self-motivation, the ability to work as a team member but also on his own, his communiaction and team building skills help him in his everyday work.
Many thanks to the team for all the support, feedback and work: F1, Tibi, Tamás, Szilvi, PNA