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Performance Types - Personal Training
When is personal training recommended?
If you have individual goals, you would like to lose weight, become leaner or build on more muscle and you need help, personalized excercises and motivation to reach these goals.
If during your body toning classes you experience that your body needs more emphasis on some parts, or a different balance of excercises.
In case of significant overweight, when recuperating from illness, after childbirth and the nursing period or in case of any special situation (e.g.: restart after a longer pause, starting in midlife of later, after surgery or in case of health problems).
Or simply if you need a professional´s undivided attention for a few occasions, to help you develop your personal routine and keep you motivated in critical periods of your life.
Try it once, experience how it feels to work towards your goals with the support of a professional to watch out for your every move!